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     · TRANSDUCERS for spirometry Request further information The transducer is the part of the spirometer through which the patient blows it measures the air flow. Sibelmed is the only manufacturer with 3 different transducers Disposable Lilly, Fleisch and Turbine Request further information Disposable Lilly Transducer The Lilly pressure system is very accurate, and comes individually pre

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    Transducers manufacturers in GuatemalaGlobal manufacturers directory by World of Manufacturers.

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    Pressure transducers accurate to 0.25% full scale provide real-time measurements of absolute, gauge or differential pressure. For fast, accurate mass flow, depend on the engineers at Alicat.

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    Duct Pressure Transmitters with Selectable Ranges & NEMA 4 Case PX276. The PX276 is a duct pressure transducer and static, 8" pressure probe integrated as one unit with to 3 field selectable ranges with a 4-20 output in ranges 0-0.1 to 0-30 inH2O. View Full Specifications

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    PRESSURE SENSOR LIMITED’s model PSC312 Pressure Transducer was developed for all types of industrial applications. The design is based on high temperature, inorganically bonded, media isolated, piezoresistive technology that offers reliable and accurate

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     · The terms pressure sensor, pressure transducer and pressure transmitter are somewhat interchangeable in the industrial world. Pressure sensors can be described with a 4-20mA output signal and pressure transducers with a millivolt signal. Once the details are described to define the output signal and application, the proper term can be set.

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     · The AST4400 series intrinsically safe pressure transducer is stainless steel and Documents. Add to List. New List. View Lists. Non-Stocked. View Product. 025 to 20000 psi. .54.5 V, 15 V, 16 V, 420 mA.

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    Buy Universal Air Conditioner SW 5208C HVAC Pressure Transducer at Desertcart. FREE Delivery Across Guatemala. FREE Returns. ProductId .

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    These vacuum/pressure gauges are ideal for applications where controller size and local control are critically important. They are available as pressure transducers with an analog output, or as vacuum modules with digital communications used to transmit the pressure

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     · The EPL surface mount pressure sensor is available in ranges from 5 to 1000 psi (0.35 to 70 bar). This pressure sensor is easy to install on flat surfaces using elastomer or epoxy. Various compensated temperature ranges are available from -40°C up to 90°C.

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    Browse Pressure Transducers in the HYDAC Technology Corporation catalog including HDA 4300 Pressure Transducer,HDA 4400 Pressure Transducer,HDA 7400 Pressure Transducer,HPT 500 Differential Pressure Transducer,HDA 8000 Pressure Transducer,HDA 4700 Ge

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    MBG M5200 from TE Connectivity Transducer, M5200 Series, 7 Bar

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    M2211. Process temperature -73 °C149 °C. Pressure range 15 psi30,000 psi. Designed for ease of manufacture, Taber's Model M2211 Military / Industrial Series transducer is a compact, low mass pressure transducer that weighs less than 4 ounces and offers a low-level

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    Low Cost Pressure Transducers Within our line of budget minded pressure transducers, we’ve established a greater standard for high performance at a low cost. From standard wired pressure transducers using piezoresistance technology in an all stainless steel body, to lightweight wireless pressure transducers making equipment monitoring easier than ever, our low cost pressure transducers

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     · Inductive Pressure Transducer An inductive pressure transducer uses the principle of inductance to convert the flexing of a diaphragm into the linear movement of a ferromagnetic core. The movement of the core is used to vary the induced current generated by an AC powered primary coil on another secondary pick-up coil.

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    Pressure sensor is a catch-all term that includes both pressure transmitters as well as pressure transducers. More about pressure As pressure is defined as force over a unit area, there are a number of ways to articulate pressure readings depending upon the unit of force and the unit of area.

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    We are located near Houston Texas and supply Dynisco pressure transducer PT422A-10M-12/18 Globally including United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Uruguay, and Guatemala. Contact us today for your Dynisco pressure transducer PT422A-10M-12/18 needs or solutions.

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    Compact E/P, I/P Pressure Transducers (T6000) The T6000 compact size E/P, I/P pressure transducer is a field reversible unit that provides an output directly or inversely proportional to the input signal. Its six available output pressure ranges and six available input signal ranges meet most process and

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    Buy best Pressure Transducers online in Guatemala at Desertcart. We deliver the quality global products at affordable prices. Free Shipping! Explore. 0. PRICE. Any Price. IMPORTED FROM. Any country. DELIVERY TIME. Any delivery time. Results For Pressure Transducers. Eathtek New 0-100 psi Stainless Steel Pressure Transducer Sender For Oil Fuel

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    CPT6100 and CPT6180 Precision Pressure TransducerApplications. The CPT6100 and 6180 Precision Pressure Transducers are general purpose high accuracy pressure transducer designed to deliver accurate pressure measurement via RS-232 or RS-485, in a query/response mode. The CPT6100 can be purchased with range from 0-0.36 psig to psig, or 0-7.5 psia to 0-6015 psia.

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    A Pressure Transducer, sometimes referred to as a pressure transmitter, is a type of sensor which converts pressure into an analogue or digital electrical signal. Pressure Transducers are generally robust, strong and able to withstand harsh environment conditions. This makes them suitable to a range of applications and particularly well suited

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    PRESSURE TRANSDUCERS, A pressure transducer converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. The conversion of pressure into an electrical signal is achieved by the physical deformation of strain gages. Pressure applied to the pressure transducer produces a deflection. The strain will produce an electrical resistance change proportional to the pressure., weighing and dosing systems

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     · of Pressure Transducers Abstract When specifying a pressure transducer for a process measurement, a number of items have to be considered. Some of the more important ones are discussed in terms of the transducer itself as well as the overall measuring system. This

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     · A pressure transducer is a device that measures the pressure of a fluid, indicating the force the fluid is exerting on surfaces in contact with it. Pressure transducers are used in many control and monitoring applications such as flow, air speed, level, pump systems or altitude.

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     · Pressure Transducers and Transmitters. TE Connectivity (TE) provides advanced design and manufacturing of pressure transducers and transmitters for numerous applications, industries, and production volumes. We offer various materials, outputs, sensor technologies, and third-party approvals to meet various customer needs for measuring liquid or

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    4-20mA Loop Powered 4 Digit LED Plug-On Display With Alarm Point. SKU DBI-105. Available for backorder. Plugs inline with a DIN 43650 connector, 4 to 20 mA powered pressure transducer to display the current pressure. 2 × Open drain output for alarms/set point indications. AUD159.00.

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    Pressure Sensors or Transducers are designed to detect and respond to the presence or a change in the amount of force on the device. The pressure types are Absolute, Compound, Differential, Gauge, Sealed Gauge, Switch, Vacuum, and Vented Gauge with operating pressures from -100PSI (-689.48kPa) to 20000PSI (137895.15kPa).

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    What is a pressure transducer sensor and how it works? As a definition, pressure sensor converts an input mechanical pressure into an electrical output signal and are a.k.a. Pressure measurement sensors. Differential Pressure Transducer manufactured in the US using strain gauge pressure transducer